Top 2 Best Short-Term Stocks for Investers

The Sensex has achieved a significant milestone by closing above 67,000 points for the first time.

Over the past month, it has recorded a remarkable 6.22% growth, and in the last three months, it surged by an impressive 12.65%.

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With such promising trends, expert Vikas Sethi from Sethi Finmart recommends two cash market shares – KPIT Technology and Rain Industries – for investors seeking short-term gains.

Let’s explore the expert’s targets and stoploss for these stocks.

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KPIT Technologies: Advancing in the Electric Vehicle Space

KPIT Technology, an IT sector company, exhibited strong growth with a 1.6% increase in its stock, closing at Rs 1085.

Vikas Sethi advises a target of Rs 1130 and a stoploss of Rs 1055 for this stock.

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KPIT Technology specializes in engineering services for the automotive and mobility sectors, making it well-positioned to benefit from the ongoing shift towards electric vehicles.

As automotive companies invest more in research and development for EVs, KPIT Technology is likely to see gains.

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Rain Industries Limited: Aiming High with Carbon Black Products

Rain Industries Limited recorded a notable 2.7% rise, closing at Rs 168.

The expert recommends setting a short-term target of Rs 175 and a stoploss at Rs 160 for this stock.


The company manufactures carbon black products and petcoke (petroleum coke) used in the aluminum industry for metal melting.

Strong Fundamentals Propel Rain Industries

Rain Industries generates a significant portion of its revenue from the US market and has a presence in the cement segment.


The company boasts robust fundamentals, showing consistent improvement in financials.

With its attractive valuation, Rain Industries emerges as an appealing investment opportunity.

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By investing in these two promising stocks, investors have the opportunity to make gains in the short term while benefiting from the growth potential of the IT and manufacturing sectors.


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