Telecom Deptt directs Operators to re-verify over 6 Lakh Mobile Connections

New Delhi:

Over 680,000 mobile numbers in the country are facing a crisis due to potential issues with the documents used to obtain them.

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If these documents are found to be incorrect, these numbers may be deactivated.

Telecom service providers have been directed by the country’s telecom department to re-verify over 600,000 mobile connections.

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Suspicion of getting number through fake document

The Telecom Department has flagged approximately 680,000 mobile connections as potentially fraudulent after using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for analysis.

These connections are suspected to have been acquired using false or fake documents.

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Telecom department gave two months time

Telecom companies have been instructed by the Department of Telecom to re-verify identified mobile numbers within 60 days.

The Department of Telecommunications has identified approximately 680,000 mobile connections suspected of being acquired using illegal, incorrect, and fake KYC documents like identity and address proofs.

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What will be the next action?

Telecom service providers have been directed by the Telecom Department to re-verify the marked mobile numbers.

All telecom companies must complete re-verification of the identified connections within 60 days. Any connection that fails re-verification will be closed.


In April this year, the Telecom Department closed down numerous connections.

In April, the telecom department flagged 10,834 mobile numbers for re-verification. Of these, 8,272 mobile connections were disconnected for failing the re-verification process.

The use of incorrect or fake KYC documents suggests these connections were obtained illegally.



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