Tata Technologies IPO Set to Open Tomorrow: Key Details, GMP, and Expert Reviews

As the much-anticipated Tata Technologies Ltd Initial Public Offering (IPO) gears up to hit the Indian primary market on November 22, 2023, investors are keenly eyeing the various aspects of this major financial event.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the essential details, grey market premium (GMP), and expert opinions surrounding the Tata Technologies IPO.

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IPO Details:

Issue Dates: The subscription window for Tata Technologies IPO opens on November 22, 2023, and extends until November 24, 2023.

Price Band: The IPO is priced between ₹475 to ₹500 per share.

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Offer Size: Tata Technologies Ltd aims to raise ₹3,042.51 crore through this completely Offer for Sale (OFS) IPO.

Grey Market Premium (GMP):

As of today, the grey market premium for Tata Technologies IPO stands at ₹351, maintaining stability compared to the previous day’s figure.

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Despite fluctuations in the broader market, the consistent GMP over the last three days suggests robust anticipation for the public issue.

Expert Opinions:

Market observers highlight that while GMP can be a speculative indicator, it is crucial not to base investment decisions solely on these sentiments.

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Experts caution that grey market dynamics are non-regulated and may not always reflect the actual market conditions.

Investors are advised to thoroughly analyze the company’s balance sheet for a more concrete understanding of its long-term fundamentals.


IPO Review:

Ventura, in its review, gives a ‘subscribe’ rating to Tata Technologies IPO, emphasizing the company’s strong fundamentals and growth opportunities.

Arihant Capital also recommends an ‘apply’ tag, citing Tata Technologies’ diverse range of services, global expansion prospects, and robust revenue and profit growth.


In conclusion, with the IPO subscription opening tomorrow, potential investors are urged to consider both market sentiments and expert analyses before making informed decisions.

Tata Technologies, with its promising financials and growth outlook, appears to be an enticing proposition for those eyeing the IPO market. Stay tuned for updates as the IPO journey unfolds.

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