Submit Life Certificate by January 31, 2024, and Enjoy Special Discounts

In a welcome relief for defense pensioners, the deadline for submitting the Annual Life Certificate has been extended until January 31, 2024.

While the original cutoff was November 30, 2023, this extension applies exclusively to defense pensioners.

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Exemption for Defense Pensioners

The Principal Controller of Defense Accounts’ pension website highlights that defense pensioners must submit their life certificate to ensure the continuity of their pension after January 2024.

This exemption grants defense pensioners additional time to fulfill this crucial requirement.

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Importance of Timely Life Certificate Submission

For retirees, pension serves as the backbone of their post-retirement life.

Typically, it represents their primary source of income, ensuring a comfortable second innings.

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While pensioners are required to submit their life certificate by November 30 each year, failing to do so could lead to delays in pension disbursement.

Fortunately, defense pensioners have been granted an extension until January 2024.

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Understanding the Digital Life Certificate

Central, State, and other government agency pensioners can make use of the biometrics-enabled digital service called Jeevan Pramaan.

This digital life certificate, valid for one year, serves as proof of the pensioner’s existence, ensuring the continuation of pension benefits.


Submission Methods for Digital Life Certificate

Pensioners have multiple avenues for submitting their digital life certificate. The Digital Life Certificate, a biometrics-enabled digital service, offers convenience.

Alternatively, pensioners can opt to submit their life certificate through their bank or post office.



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