Streamlined Tax Management: Income Tax Portal Introduces New Notice Tracking Feature

New Delhi:

To simplify the income tax filing process, the Income Tax Department has rolled out a new feature on its e-filing portal called ‘e-Proceedings’. This feature aims to assist taxpayers in tracking pending tax proceedings efficiently.

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By accessing this tab within the portal, taxpayers can conveniently monitor various notices, letters,

and information issued by the department, eliminating the need for physical visits to the Income Tax Office.

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Functionality of ‘e-Proceedings’

Through the ‘e-Proceedings’ tab,

registered users can view and respond to notices and communications issued by the Assessing Officer, Central Processing Center (CPC), or other income tax authorities.

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This includes defect notices under section 139(9), notices under section 245,

prima facie adjustment under section 143(1)(a), and suo moto rectification under section 154.

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Accessing the Feature

To utilize this feature, users must log in to the e-filing portal using their credentials. From the dashboard, they can navigate to the ‘Pending Actions’ section and access ‘e-Proceedings’.

Users can then select whether they are responding as individuals or authorized representatives.


Requirements for Utilization

To avail of this service, users need an active PAN card, a valid user ID, and password for the e-filing portal,

along with the relevant notice, intimation, or letter from the Income Tax Department.



authorized representatives may require authorization to act on behalf of taxpayers and, in some cases, an active TAN.

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Benefitting Taxpayers

This new feature offers a sigh of relief for taxpayers by saving time and simplifying the process of tracking and responding to tax-related information.

It enhances transparency and efficiency in tax management, aligning with the government’s efforts to promote digital governance and citizen-centric services.

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