Samsung unveils World’s First Transparent Micro LED TV at CES 2024 (see features)

New Delhi:

In a groundbreaking move just ahead of CES 2024, Samsung has introduced the world’s first transparent MicroLED TV lineup.

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This innovative TV series boasts a transparent panel, allowing users to view content through the display.

The TV features screen sizes ranging from 76 to 114 inches.

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Features of Samsung MicroLED TV:

Innovative Manufacturing Process

The transparency of Samsung MicroLED TVs is achieved through a pioneering manufacturing process that involves printing micro LED chips on a single piece of glass. This eliminates seams and reflections, providing the panel with a glass-like appearance.

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Slim Design

The TVs feature a sleek design with a thickness of approximately one centimeter, contributing to their aesthetic appeal.

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High Pixel Density

The high pixel density of MicroLED ensures sharp and clear images, enhancing the overall visual experience.


Display Technology

MicroLED is a display technology that utilizes millions of tiny LEDs to produce images. Each LED is self-illuminating, eliminating the need for a backlight found in traditional LCD or OLED displays. This results in better photo quality, with deep black, bright white, and improved viewing angles.


Transparency and Modularity

Samsung’s MicroLED panels are not only transparent but also modular. This enables the creation of TVs with a custom aspect ratio, shape, and size. The flexibility is suitable for various applications, including large scoreboards in homes, stadiums, and commercial settings.

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High Brightness

Samsung’s transparent MicroLED displays offer high brightness, ensuring that ambient light does not impact visibility. The content on the screen remains clear and crisp irrespective of the surrounding light conditions.

Pricing and Availability:

While the pricing details for the transparent MicroLED TV lineup have not been disclosed, Samsung’s non-transparent MicroLED TVs are currently priced at $150,000 for the 110-inch model.

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It indicates that the transparent microLED display may initially be positioned as a premium product.

In addition to the MicroLED TV, Samsung has also introduced other innovations, including AI-based 4K and 8K 2024 Neo QLED TV, S95D OLED TV, and an updated Tizen OS.

The transparent MicroLED TV marks a significant leap in display technology, offering a unique viewing experience with its cutting-edge features.


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