Samsung unveils New Amazing Features for Galaxy Watch Series

Samsung has recently announced several exciting additions to their Galaxy Watch series.

These features, including Samsung Wallet, Thermo Check, and WhatsApp, offer users enhanced capabilities and convenience right on their smartwatches.

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Samsung Wallet: An All-in-One Smartwatch App

Following the integration of ‘Samsung Pay’ and ‘Samsung Pass’ last year, the all-in-one Samsung Wallet app is now available on Samsung Watch Series.

This feature empowers users to make payments, present identification, and even book show tickets directly from their smartwatches.

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Thermo Check App: Convenient Temperature Measurement

With the introduction of the ‘Thermo Check App’, Samsung Galaxy Watch owners can effortlessly measure the temperature of their surroundings. I

nitially, this feature will be available on upcoming Galaxy Watch devices and later expanded to the Watch5 series, enhancing users’ situational awareness.

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Seamless Communication with WhatsApp Integration

In a significant OS ecosystem addition, Samsung has integrated the WhatsApp app into Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch4.

This new integration allows users to conveniently chat, send messages, and answer calls directly from their smartwatches, eliminating the need to use their phones.

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Exciting Times Ahead for Samsung Galaxy Watch Series

Watch6 Launch and Future Innovations

With these remarkable new features, Samsung is enriching the capabilities of its Galaxy Watch series, providing users with more possibilities.


The company is all set to launch the highly anticipated Galaxy Watch series ‘Watch6’ during the upcoming ‘unpacked event’ on July 26.

Furthermore, Samsung developers are actively working on an innovative feature that can identify tattooed users on their wrists, opening up new opportunities for personalized user experiences.



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