Samsung launches its own Generative AI Tool Gauss AI: See Features

Samsung, a company from Korea, introduced its smart computer program, Samsung Gauss, at the Samsung AI Forum on Wednesday.

They named this tool after the well-known mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was important in the development of the normal distribution theory.

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This smart computer program is a part of Samsung’s big plan to use AI to make the lives of people around the world better.

Right now, they have started using this tool inside the company.

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They shared this news during the yearly Samsung AI Forum in Seoul, which Samsung Research and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology have been hosting since 2017.

‘Samsung Research’ has created this tool¬†

The company mentioned that the ‘Samsung Research’ team made this tool.

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Right now, they are using Gauss AI inside the company to help employees work better.

In the future, they plan to use it to improve how their products work too. Samsung’s Gauss AI has three parts: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

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Samsung Gauss Language is designed to help with tasks like organizing emails, summarizing documents, and translating.

It can also make using devices smarter by enabling control. This model works for applications on the cloud and on devices.


Samsung Gauss Code is meant to help the company code more easily, leading to the creation of better software in less time.

Developers will find this model useful. Similarly, Samsung Gauss Image is skilled in creating and editing images.


These models allow for changes in style, additions, and turning low-resolution images into high-resolution ones.

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