Reliance Jio launches True Unlimited Upgrade Plans

Reliance Jio has introduced new ‘True Unlimited Upgrade’ plans, aimed at providing enhanced benefits to users amidst recent price increases across its prepaid and data add-on offerings.

Here’s what these new plans entail:

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Details of True Unlimited Upgrade Plans

Plan Variants:

  • ₹51 Plan: Offers unlimited 5G data and includes 3GB of additional 4G data.
  • ₹101 Plan: Provides unlimited 5G data along with 6GB of extra 4G data.
  • ₹151 Plan: Includes unlimited 5G data and adds 9GB of 4G data.

Validity: The validity of these plans aligns with your existing plan’s validity, ensuring continuous service without disruption.

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Target Audience:

These plans are particularly beneficial for users who previously subscribed to plans offering less than 1.5GB of daily data.

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Following recent adjustments, plans starting from Rs 239 now exclusively include unlimited 5G data,

while plans providing 2GB or more daily data also offer unlimited 5G data.

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Context and Impact of Price Changes

Reliance Jio’s initiative comes amid adjustments in plan pricing, where all prepaid, postpaid,

and data add-on plans have seen increases.


Previously, unlimited 5G data was available with plans starting at Rs 239, primarily targeting plans offering 1.5GB of daily data.

With the introduction of these new True Unlimited Upgrade plans, users now have more options to ensure seamless connectivity and data access.


These upgrades reflect Jio’s commitment to enhancing user experience and adapting to evolving consumer needs in the competitive telecom market.

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