Reliance Jio launches New Recharge Plans for International Roaming

Reliance Jio, the telecommunications company, has recently announced a range of new International Roaming (IR) plans for its users.

These plans include both fresh offerings as well as existing ones that have been retained.

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Among the new plans are two options priced at Rs 121 and Rs 521.

The primary objective of Jio’s latest offering is to provide international calling services exclusively to India.

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The Rs 121 plan grants users 100 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls, along with Wi-Fi calling capabilities and a validity of 2 days.

On the other hand, the Rs 521 plan offers 10 days of validity and 500 calling minutes.

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Previously, Jio used to provide plans on a sporadic basis, where users could see all the available plans for the country they were traveling to.

However, the company has now categorized the plans into five distinct groups: Travel Pass, Rome More packs, International Wi-Fi calling, Global packs, and IR data-only packs.

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Now, let’s explore Jio’s international roaming plans by category:

Travel Pass

As part of the newly introduced Travel Pass, Jio presents three plans with varying durations. These plans are applicable to 32 countries.


The base plan costs Rs 499, while the other two options are priced at Rs 2,499 and Rs 4,999.

1) Rs 499 IR plan: This plan has a validity of 1 day and provides 100 minutes of voice calling, 100 SMS, and 250MB of data. Additionally, incoming calls are free when using the Wi-Fi calling feature.


2) Rs 2,499 IR plan: With a validity of 10 days, this plan includes 100 minutes of voice calling, 100 SMS, and 250MB of data. Incoming calls are also free when utilizing Wi-Fi calling.

3) Rs 4,999 IR plan: Designed for longer stays, this plan offers 30 days of validity along with 1500 minutes of outgoing voice calling, 5GB of high-speed data, and reduced speed to 64Kbps after data limit. It also allows for free incoming calls when using Wi-Fi calling.

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Jio Roam More IR Plan

Jio Roam More IR Plan covers 44 countries and comprises three distinct plans: Rs 1,499, Rs 3,999, and Rs 5,999.

1) Rs 1,499: Valid for 14 days, this plan includes 150 minutes for both outgoing and incoming calls, 1GB of high-speed data with reduced speed to 64Kbps after the data limit, and 100 free SMS.

2) Rs 2,999: With a validity of 30 days, this plan offers 250 minutes of outgoing calls, free incoming calls through Wi-Fi calling, 4G high-speed data, unlimited data at 64Kbps after the data limit, and 100 SMS.

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3) Rs 5,999: Geared towards extended usage, this plan provides 400 minutes of outgoing calls, free incoming calls via Wi-Fi calling, 500 SMS, 6GB of high-speed data, and unlimited data at 64Kbps after the data limit.

These new recharge plans from Reliance Jio aim to cater to the international roaming needs of its users with competitive offerings in various categories.


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