Railway Rules: What to Do If Someone Occupies Your Train Seat

Indian trains witness over 2 crore passengers daily, causing significant congestion during festive seasons and holidays.

Despite having reservations, passengers often find their seats occupied, especially in sleeper and AC coaches.

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In such scenarios, knowing the right course of action can be helpful. Here’s what you should do if someone forcibly occupies your seat.

How to Reclaim Your Seat

Instead of engaging in arguments or confrontations, follow these steps to reclaim your seat:

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1. Inform the Attendant or TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner)

Immediately report the issue to the coach attendant or TTE. They are responsible for ensuring proper seat allocation and can assist in resolving the situation. If the TTE is not available in the coach, consider other options.

2. Lodge a Complaint via 139

If you’re unable to find a resolution with the TTE, dial 139 to register a complaint. This helpline operates through IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) and caters to various rail-related services, including lodging complaints regarding seat occupancy issues.

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3. Utilize Rail Madad App

Alternatively, seek assistance from the official Rail Madad app provided by the railways. This app allows users to register complaints and seek help for various rail-related matters. Additionally, you can utilize the railways’ social media platforms to escalate your concern.

Services Available via 139

Upon dialing 139, you can access a range of services:

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Press 1 for security information

Press 2 for medical emergencies


Press 3 for train accident information

Press 4 to lodge train-related complaints


Press 5 for general complaints

Press 6 for vigilance-related information

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Press 7 for freight and parcel-related queries

Press 8 to check the status of your complaint

Press 9 for station-related complaints and vigilance matters

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Press * to speak to a call center executive

Press 0 for PNR, fare, and ticket booking enquiries

By following these steps and utilizing the available resources, you can effectively address seat occupancy issues and ensure a comfortable journey on Indian trains.


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