Post Office Offers Rs 90,000 Interest on Rs 2 Lakh Deposit – Check Benefits Now!

The Indian Post Office has introduced a game-changing scheme that promises substantial returns for investors seeking fixed income opportunities.

The Post Office Time Deposit Account stands out as a remarkable plan that offers depositors an impressive interest rate of up to 7.5 percent.

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What’s more, this scheme not only assures attractive returns but also serves as a tax-saving avenue.

For those who deposit a sum of Rs 2 lakh into this scheme, the potential interest could amount to approximately Rs 90,000.

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We delve into the scheme’s benefits and present a comprehensive breakdown of the interest calculation.

Diverse Options for Optimal Returns

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As detailed on the official website of India Post, the Post Office Time Deposit Account is available for four different durations.

Under this scheme, depositors can earn interest at the rate of 6.8 percent for 1 year, 6.9 percent for 2 years, 7 percent for 3 years, and an enticing 7.5 percent for a 5-year term.

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Interest accrues annually and is calculated quarterly. The minimum investment amount for this scheme starts at Rs 1000.

A Windfall of Rs 90,000 Interest


According to the calculations provided by the post office time deposit calculator, an investor who deposits Rs 2 lakh in this scheme for a 5-year tenure would stand to gain a substantial interest of Rs 89,990.

Additionally, upon completion of the five-year period, the principal investment of Rs 2 lakh will be returned to the investor.


Tax Benefits for 5-Year Deposits

Investors who opt for the 5-year deposit option can also enjoy tax benefits. The investment falls under the purview of section 80C, allowing individuals to claim tax exemptions.

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Beyond its tax-saving advantages, the scheme can be opened either as a single or joint account.

Premature closures, however, are only permitted after a minimum lock-in period of 6 months.

Flexibility and Multiplicity

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A unique aspect of the Post Office Time Deposit Account is its flexibility and multiplicity. Investors have the liberty to enhance their deposit amounts upon maturity.

This means that once a deposit matures, it can be conveniently augmented. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of accounts an investor can open.

Notably, any accumulated interest left untouched in the account remains there without accruing additional interest.

Investors eyeing stable and lucrative returns can now seize the opportunity presented by the Post Office Time Deposit Account.

With the potential to earn Rs 90,000 interest on a mere Rs 2 lakh deposit, this scheme is a testament to the post office’s commitment to empowering investors and providing avenues for financial growth.


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