PM Modi’s Vision Expands: Jan Aushadhi Kendras to Multiply Across the Nation

In a groundbreaking move aimed at empowering the common man and bolstering the nation’s healthcare landscape, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a significant plan during his address from the historic Red Fort on the 77th Independence Day.

The focal point of this announcement is the expansion of the Jan Aushadhi Kendra initiative, poised to reshape the medical sphere in communities across the country.

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Jan Aushadhi Kendras: An Avenue for Empowerment and Affordable Healthcare

Prime Minister Modi unveiled his ambitious vision for the future of healthcare, shedding light on the Jan Aushadhi Kendra scheme.

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With the goal of making quality generic medicines accessible to every individual, the government is steadfastly working to increase the number of Jan Aushadhi Kendras from the existing 10,000 to an impressive 25,000 nationwide.

This move aligns perfectly with the government’s commitment to ensuring that affordable healthcare reaches every corner of the nation.

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A Resounding Success: The Impact of Jan Aushadhi Kendras

Jan Aushadhi Kendras have swiftly gained prominence for their role in providing cost-effective medication for various illnesses, rendering essential treatment accessible to people from all walks of life.

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With an astonishing response from the public, these centers have solidified their place as an indispensable component of the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

Milestones Achieved: 9,884 Jan Aushadhi Kendras in 9 Years


Remarkably, the government has achieved significant milestones in the expansion of Jan Aushadhi Kendras.

From a mere 80 centers in 2014, the initiative has surged to a commendable 9,884 outlets, underlining the commitment of the Modi administration to democratize healthcare.


Accessible Treatment: Redefining Medication Affordability

From the ramparts of the Red Fort, PM Modi emphasized the transformative impact of Jan Aushadhi Kendras on healthcare costs.

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The staggering contrast between the monthly expenses of treating conditions like diabetes, averaging around Rs 3000, and the meager Rs 10-15 cost of medicines at these centers highlights the pivotal role they play in making healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

Jan Aushadhi Kendras: Paving the Way for Community-Level Healthcare

In line with the Prime Minister’s vision, the nation is poised to witness the emergence of Jan Aushadhi Kendras on every street corner.

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As the government swiftly nears its previous goal, PM Modi has now set his sights on expanding these centers to 25,000, firmly establishing them as integral components of every community’s healthcare ecosystem.

With Jan Aushadhi Kendras emerging as miniature medical outlets, dispensing affordable generic medicines, the government’s commitment to ensuring a healthier and more prosperous India is unwavering.

The initiative stands not only as a testament to visionary governance but also as a beacon of hope for millions seeking accessible healthcare solutions.


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