Panasonic Launches India’s First Matter-Enabled AC: Check Out Features

Panasonic unveils its latest range of air conditioners for 2024, featuring a groundbreaking addition: Matter-enabled room ACs.

This cutting-edge technology marks a significant milestone as Panasonic becomes the first brand in India to introduce air conditioners integrated with Matter, a universal standard of connectivity for smart home appliances.

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Let’s delve into what makes this technology special and how it benefits users.

Understanding Matter Technology:

Matter is a revolutionary universal standard of connectivity designed to enhance interoperability among smart home devices through third-party mobile apps.

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It ensures seamless integration and communication between different smart devices, fostering a more connected and streamlined home environment.

With Panasonic’s adoption of Matter in its air conditioners, users can expect enhanced ease of use, reliability, and safety in their AC experience.

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Features of Matter-Enabled ACs:

Panasonic’s new lineup includes 60 models, featuring Matter-enabled ACs in 1.0-ton, 1.5-ton, and 2.0-ton variants.

These ACs offer interoperability and ease of control through the company’s Mirai app, which aligns with the Matter connectivity standard.

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Additionally, users can utilize any other Matter-enabled app to conveniently manage and monitor their ACs.

Benefits for Consumers:

By seamlessly connecting with other Matter-certified devices and platforms, Panasonic’s Matter-enabled ACs optimize energy usage, enhance comfort, and minimize environmental impact.


This integration empowers users to create a more efficient and interconnected smart home ecosystem, improving overall convenience and user experience.

Availability and Connectivity:

Panasonic’s Matter-enabled ACs are available through leading offline outlets, e-commerce platforms, and the company’s official website.


This widespread availability ensures accessibility to consumers seeking advanced smart home solutions.

Significance of Matter Technology:

Matter represents a significant leap in the realm of smart home technology, emphasizing interoperability and integrated solutions.

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This universal protocol, spearheaded by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly known as the Zigbee Alliance), promises seamless connectivity and compatibility across a wide range of smart home and IoT devices.


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