Over 1500 Job Opportunities in Dehradun for Unemployed Youth

Good news for the unemployed youth of Uttarakhand! A job fair is set to take place in Dehradun, offering a wealth of opportunities.

Scheduled for July 12, this event will see participation from 47 companies, including well-known pharma firms like Theta Pharmaceutical Private Limited, Intash Pharma, and TI Medical Private Ltd. In total, there are over 1500 job openings across various sectors.

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Companies and Available Positions

Participating Companies:

Theta Pharmaceutical Private Limited

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Intash Pharma

TI Medical Private Ltd

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Job Positions:

Accountant Executive

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Senior Operator


Sales Trainee

Computer Operator


Event Details

Dehradun’s Regional Employment Officer, Ajay Singh, shared that the job fair is organized under the directives of the departmental director and the District Magistrate.

It will be held at the Skill Development and Employment Office near the Parade Ground in Dehradun. The event is set to feature more than 1500 job vacancies.

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Registration Process:

Local Candidates: Register on the first office day.

Non-Local Candidates: Register on the day of the fair.

The job fair will include companies from eight different sectors, offering attractive salary packages ranging from ₹8,000 to ₹35,000 based on qualifications.

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Online Information and Past Success

Ajay Singh highlighted the success of previous job fairs, noting that over the past five years, five fairs were held with participation from more than 2500 candidates.

Out of these, over 365 candidates secured jobs. He encouraged maximum participation in the upcoming fair.


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