Ola to soon launch its new Electric Scooter in India (possibly S1 Air)

Ola Electric, a prominent player in India’s electric two-wheeler manufacturing sector, made its debut in the EV industry on August 15, 2021, with the introduction of their first electric scooter, the Ola S1 Air.

Within just two years, the company has achieved remarkable milestones, including multiple software updates, feature enhancements, and the launch of new scooter variants.

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Anticipation for Ola Electric’s upcoming announcement on Independence Day, August 15 this year, is building up.

While the specifics of their next product remain undisclosed, industry insiders suggest that a new variant of the Ola S1 scooter might be unveiled, featuring two additional color options.

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Although details are scarce, rumors hint at the possibility of the new variant being called the Ola S1 Pro Classic.

This model is expected to showcase retro design elements and potentially come equipped with features such as a center stand, windshield, and cushioned backrest.

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Additionally, Ola is likely to introduce two fresh color options for the S1 e-scooter, namely Lime Green and Electric Blue.

The introduction of these new shades might be extended to all three variants of the Ola electric scooter, namely the S1 Standard, S1 Pro, and S1 Air.

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Currently, Ola’s e-scooters are available in an extensive range of 11 colors, including Liquid Silver,

Jet Black, Matte Black, Anthracite Grey, Coral Glam, Porcelain White, Ocher, Midnight Blue, Neo Mint, Millennial Pink, and Marshmallow.


Furthermore, Ola Electric is expected to expand its electric vehicle lineup by venturing into the electric bike segment.

Teasers released earlier this year by the company indicate that the upcoming e-bike range from Ola may include a cruiser, an adventure bike, a scrambler, a supersport model, and a commuter bike.


Looking ahead, Ola Electric has plans to enter the four-wheeler market in 2024 with the launch of their anticipated electric car.

It is important to note, however, that the Ola electric car will not be part of the new product range set to be unveiled on August 15.

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As the EV revolution gains momentum, Ola Electric continues to make significant strides, aiming to reshape the landscape of sustainable mobility in India and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates on their groundbreaking offerings.

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