Ola Introduces All-Electric Bike Service in Bengaluru

Ola, the popular ride-sharing platform, has reintroduced Ola Bike in Bengaluru, exclusively offering electric S1 Scooters.

CEO and Founder Bhavish Aggarwal announced this development via Twitter, revealing the affordable pricing for riders.

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In his tweet, Bhavish Aggarwal stated that customers would pay just Rs 25 for a 5-kilometer ride and Rs 50 for a 10-kilometer journey.

He emphasized the comfort, cost-effectiveness, and environmental benefits of this service.

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Bhavish also expressed intentions to expand this service nationwide in the coming months.

This announcement coincides with a wave of government bans on bike taxis in various states.

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Karnataka, for instance, recently imposed a ban on Rapido bike taxis. The primary concerns driving these bans are the safety of women and the lack of electric bikes.

By introducing electric bikes, Ola addresses the latter concern and now must prioritize women’s safety.

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Ola’s electric bike initiative aligns with Karnataka’s position as the first Indian state to implement an electric bike taxi policy in July 2021.

Despite the policy, no operator had launched e-bike taxi services in Bengaluru until Ola’s recent move.



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