Ola Electric Unveils Stunning Lineup of Electric Bikes in Exclusive Preview

In a spectacular celebration of India’s Independence Day, Ola Electric has taken the wraps off four cutting-edge electric bike concepts.

Our team had the privilege of an exclusive preview of these groundbreaking products, slated for launch in the coming year.

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Embracing the #EndIceAge Movement

Ola Electric has been fervently driving the #EndIceAge movement, redefining urban mobility with its innovative scooter lineup including the Ola S1 Pro and Ola S1 Air.

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Today, they’ve introduced the Ola S1 X, yet the company’s ambition stretches beyond scooters. Recognizing the need to dominate the market comprehensively, Ola Electric is stepping into the motorcycle domain.

The four new concepts, Ola Cruiser, Ola Adventure, Ola Roadster, and the high-performance Ola Diamond Head, are set to captivate the industry. Here’s an exclusive preview of these revolutionary motorcycles.

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Ola Cruiser: Redefining Aerodynamics

The Ola Cruiser embodies a sleek and elongated profile, boasting exceptional aerodynamics from wheel to wheel. Ingeniously designed panels conceal the front upside-down forks, aiding its aerodynamic prowess.

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The LED headlamp seamlessly integrates with the bike’s aesthetics, while the slim seat accommodates two riders.

A distinctive LED tail light setup complements its design, with a substantial rear tire featuring an integrated number plate holder and indicator housing.


Notably, the battery casing, typically reserved for engines, doubles as a stressed member within the chassis.

The mid-mounted electric motor, connected through a chain drive, delivers power to the rear wheel. This concept truly captures attention.


Ola Adventure: Embarking on Thrilling Journeys

Taking inspiration from the allure of SUVs in the automotive world, the Ola Adventure targets the adventure motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Boasting long-travel USD forks, spoked wheels, and a captivating 19-inch front/17-inch rear wheel setup, this bike exudes a rugged appeal.

The distinctive high mudguard design, LED headlamp, and windshield conjure images of rally-ready machines.

A well-integrated digital instrument panel, hand guards, and sleek mirrors accentuate its prowess.

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Luggage mounts and an LED tail light enhance its practicality. The battery pack, a central feature, is reinforced with protective rails, accompanied by a mid-mounted motor and chain drive.

Ola Roadster: The Future of Sporty Riding

A trailblazing prototype in the lineup, the Ola Roadster displays radical aesthetics and undeniable sportiness.

Bolstered by chunky tires on alloy wheels, coupled with USD forks and twin disc brakes, this concept is a visual spectacle.

The LED headlamp and innovative LED winkers on the tank shrouds amplify its uniqueness. A three-step seat configuration hides a charging pod, while a flush-fit tail light completes the dynamic rear end.

Ola Diamond Head: A Showstopper in Motion

Undoubtedly the showstopper, the Ola Diamond Head unveils a strikingly aerodynamic design.

A Hub Centre Steering innovation dominates the front end, promising an unprecedented riding experience.

The bike introduces a novel feature allowing riders to switch foot peg positioning from comfort to sportiness.

Its distinctive appearance is complemented by robust wheels, foretelling outstanding performance. This mid-motor electric marvel promises to revolutionize the roads.

A Unified Platform with Unique Brilliance

All these remarkable bikes share a common platform, featuring identical battery and mid-mounted motor setups.

Nevertheless, power and range ratings are individually tailored for each motorcycle, catering to diverse preferences.

Ola Electric’s dazzling lineup marks a seismic shift in the world of electric motorcycles. The marriage of innovation and sustainability is poised to shape the future of urban transportation.


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