Ola Electric Unveils MoveOS 4 with Exciting New Features

Ola Electric recently revealed MoveOS 4 on August 15, 2023. While the official release date of September 15 is yet to be confirmed by the company, selected customers have received the beta version, as per News18.

The full release to all customers is expected in October 2023. Let’s explore what MoveOS 4 has in store for users.

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Enhanced Navigation

In MoveOS 4, Ola is set to revolutionize navigation with the integration of Ola Maps into the app.

This means users can access maps and directions directly through the app, making scooter journeys more convenient and efficient. No more struggling to find your way – MoveOS 4 will provide a smoother and more user-friendly interface.

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Find My Scooter

Despite having maps on board, it can still be challenging to locate your scooter. MoveOS 4 addresses this with the “Find My Scooter” feature, accessible through the Ola Electric app.

This feature not only helps you locate your scooter but also provides directions to it, and you can even share your scooter’s location with others, reducing the risk of theft.

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Party Mode with Concert Feature

Ola Electric’s Party Mode, synchronized with the beats of your music, will now include “Concert mode.

” This exciting addition allows you to sync music and lighting effects across multiple Ola electric scooters. Get ready to turn your scooter rides into a party on wheels!

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Your Scooter, Your Rules

MoveOS 4 introduces “Your Scooter, Your Commands,” a feature that allows you to customize the scooter’s settings for different riders.

Set individual limits on kilometers or time, and define geographic boundaries. This feature provides comprehensive insights into each rider’s usage.


Introducing Dark Mode

Ola Electric app users will be pleased to know that dark mode is finally making its debut.

This feature ensures a more comfortable nighttime experience with a dark-themed interface, including dark mode maps for easier navigation.


Tamper Detection for Security

Concerned about scooter theft? Ola Electric addresses this with the introduction of tamper detection.

If someone attempts to steal your scooter, it will trigger live audio, illuminate the scooter’s lights, and display red warning eyes on the screen – a clear alert that your scooter is being tampered with.

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Care Mode

A new “Care Mode” on the scooter’s screen provides insights into your savings and CO2 reduction.

It creates a visual representation of saved trees based on your eco-friendly choices, allowing you to track your environmental impact.

Additional Features

MoveOS 4 brings an array of other enhancements, including hyper-fast charging, improved charging time predictions,

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upgraded hill hold features, energy insights, biometric app lock, app widgets, increased range, eco mode, cruise control, auto utrn-off indicators, a new trip meter, headphone music control,

“Take Me Home” light feature, vacation mode management, call settings, hill hold settings, region settings, OTA updates, faster touch response, fast contact synchronization, and favorite call management from the app.


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