OLA Electric Triple Unveiling: Debut of India’s First Electric Bike, OLA S1 X Scooter, and MoveOS 4 Update

On the auspicious occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day, OLA Electric, a pioneering force in the automotive realm, has unleashed a trio of groundbreaking offerings.

This momentous launch event underscores OLA Electric’s commitment to liberate the nation from fossil fuels and pollution, while ushering in a new era of eco-conscious transportation. Here’s an in-depth look at the remarkable launches:

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1. OLA Electric’s Electric Bike Revolution: Roadster, Cruiser, Adventure Variants

In a historic stride towards a greener future, OLA Electric has introduced India’s first-ever electric bike collection.

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The company has rolled out three distinct variants: the agile Roadster, the charismatic Cruiser, and the versatile Adventure.

While exact specifications and pricing are yet to be disclosed, these electric bikes herald a new era in sustainable and exhilarating two-wheel travel.

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The lineup also features the enigmatic Diamond Head superbike, adding an air of excitement to the electric revolution.

2. OLA S1 X Scooter: A Game-Changing Urban Companion

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Commemorating the spirit of independence, OLA Electric launched the OLA S1 X electric scooter. Following the footsteps of the S1 Air, this scooter sets a new standard as the company’s most affordable offering.

With an initial price of Rs 99,999, customers can enjoy a Rs 20,000 discount until August 21.


Bookings for the OLA S1 X have commenced on August 15, with deliveries slated to commence from December.

After August 21, the discount offer will conclude, making the S1 X a must-have addition for eco-conscious commuters.


3. MoveOS 4: Elevating Electric Scooter Experience

In a technology-driven leap, OLA Electric introduced the eagerly awaited MoveOS 4 software update.

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This transformative upgrade promises enhanced features and capabilities across the company’s entire scooter lineup.

From extended range capabilities to improved tracking and localization, MoveOS 4 redefines convenience and efficiency for riders.

Seamlessly integrated, this software update showcases OLA Electric’s dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction and providing an unmatched electric riding experience.

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A Greener Future Beckons

As OLA Electric’s trailblazing offerings sweep the nation, a cleaner, more sustainable future inches closer.

By pioneering electric bike technology, launching the cost-effective OLA S1 X scooter, and unveiling the powerful MoveOS 4 software update, the company cements its position as an industry leader in the pursuit of a cleaner and greener tomorrow.


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