No More Electricity Bills! Get Subsidized Solar Panel Installation at Home

New Delhi:

In a bid to counter the ever-growing demand for electricity and ease the burden of soaring energy bills, many homeowners are considering the installation of rooftop solar panels.

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While the cost factor can be daunting, the prospect of substantial subsidies paves the way for a more affordable transition.

The government’s initiative to provide subsidies for solar panel installation has given rise to the National Portal for Rooftop Solar by the MNRE, a comprehensive resource guiding individuals through the process.

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Below, we break down the steps to secure these subsidies and empower your home with sustainable energy.

Step 1: Registration and Verification

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  1. Download the SANDES app and register on the National Portal. Select your local distribution company or electricity department.
  2. Enter your electricity connection number or consumer ID. Provide your email and mobile number, followed by OTP verification.

Here ends the first step, now move on to second step.

Step 2: Application and Details Submission

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The second step is how to submit your application:

  1. Post successful registration, apply for home solar panel installation. Furnish essential information such as name, address, and roof area from your electricity bill.
  2. Specify your desired panel capacity according to your household needs.

Don’t forget to attach the new electricity bill and submit the application.


Step 3: Application Processing

  1. Your application will be sent to the Discom (Distribution Company) for review. Regular updates regarding your application status will be communicated via email.
  2. Upon Discom approval, proceed with the installation of solar panels on your rooftop.

After the successful installation, submit a project completion report.


Step 4: Technical Evaluation and Certification

  1. Discom officials will assess and install a net-meter while inspecting the technology and parameters. An online commissioning certificate will be generated upon net-meter validation.

Step 5: Fund Transfer and Subsidy

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  1. Provide your bank details, including a canceled cheque. The central government agency responsible for fund management will directly transfer the subsidy to your bank account.

Subsidy Breakdown: Rooftop Solar System Capacity and Corresponding Subsidies

  • 2.5 kW: Subsidy – ₹36,470
  • 3 kW: Subsidy – ₹43,764
  • 4 kW: Subsidy – ₹51,058
  • 6.5 kW: Subsidy – ₹69,293
  • 10 kW: Subsidy – ₹94,822
  • 15 kW: Subsidy – ₹94,822

Installing solar panels at home can not only be an eco-friendly choice but also a financially rewarding one, thanks to the government’s supportive subsidy program.

By leveraging the National Portal for Rooftop Solar and following these clear-cut steps,

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you can navigate the process seamlessly and contribute to a greener future while reducing your energy bills.


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