Nitin Gadkari announces launch of Ethanol-Run Toyota Camry

Union Road Transport and National Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari, has unveiled a significant initiative to enhance the country’s green economy.

Gadkari announced that Toyota will soon launch the Camry, a vehicle powered entirely by ethanol.

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This breakthrough marks a turning point where consumers will no longer have to rely on expensive petrol, diesel, or CNG fuels.

During an event in Nagupar, Maharashtra, Gadkari revealed plans to introduce the 100 percent ethanol-based Camry in August.

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Farewell to Costly Petrol and Diesel

With cars running on ethanol, consumers can bid farewell to the high prices of petrol and diesel.

This development brings much-needed relief to the common people burdened by the escalating costs of fuel.

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Gadkari expressed his commitment to introducing more vehicles in the country that operate solely on ethanol.

Engaging with Mercedes Benz Chairman

Gadkari shared that he recently engaged in discussions with the chairman of Mercedes Benz.

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The company has recently launched an electric vehicle and expressed its intention to manufacture only electric vehicles in the future.

Gadkari emphasized that new ethanol-based vehicles are on the horizon, including scooters from prominent manufacturers such as Bajaj, TVS, and Hero MotoCorp.


These scooters will operate entirely on ethanol.

August Launch for Toyota Camry

Gadkari confirmed that the Toyota Camry is set to launch in August.


The vehicle will run exclusively on ethanol while also generating 40 percent electricity.

Compared to petrol, the cost per liter of ethanol will be around Rs 15, as ethanol is priced at Rs 60 per liter, while petrol is priced at Rs 120 per liter.

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Moreover, with 40 percent electricity production from ethanol, the average cost per liter is estimated to be Rs 15.


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