Ministry of Railways announces Fare Reduction for Passengers

Indian Railways: The Ministry of Railways has recently made an announcement that brings great relief to train passengers.

The decision has been made to decrease the fares of Vande Bharat trains and AC chair car trains.

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The aim is to accommodate a larger number of passengers on these trains, leading to a reduction in the fares of trains with AC seating.

The authority to grant concessions will be delegated to the respective Zonal Railways.

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Fare Reduction Details and Applicability

Under this new decision, the fares for AC chair car and executive class on all trains, including Vande Bharat trains, will be reduced by 25 percent.

This scheme will apply to all trains with AC seating facilities, including Vistadome coaches.

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The maximum discount on fares will be 25 percent, while additional charges such as reservation charges, super-fast surcharges, and GST will still be applicable.

Specific concessions may be granted based on passenger categories.

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The occupancy rate of trains during the past 30 days, with a minimum of 50 percent, will be considered to determine the fare concession.

Implementation and Conditions for Fare Reduction

The fare discount will be based on both distance and fare considerations.


Concessions can be given for the first leg, last leg, or intermediate journey phases, provided that the overall occupancy in that section or phase is less than 50 percent.

The fare reduction will be implemented immediately, but passengers who have already booked tickets will not be eligible for fare refunds.


Duration and Review of Fare Concession

The fare concession will be applicable for a period decided by the respective zonal officers, up to a maximum of six months from its effective date, depending on the journey dates.

Concessional fares can be provided for the entire period, a portion of the period, a month, a week, or six months, depending on demand.

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In the case of inter-zonal OD pairs or destinations, KRCL can consult with the PCCM, MD, COM, or CCM of other Zonal Railways to determine fare discounts.

Regular reviews will be conducted to assess the occupancy levels, and the concession may be revised, extended, or withdrawn accordingly.

Any amendments to the scheme will be implemented immediately if required.

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