Managing Multiple Demat Accounts? Learn How to Seamlessly Transfer Shares

With the surge of interest in stock market investments, the popularity of demat accounts has soared.

Amidst the 2020 market downturn due to the pandemic, a growing number of individuals seized the opportunity to explore the stock market, subsequently leading to an increase in demat account holdings.

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A Multitude of Demat Accounts: As of January this year, the tally of demat accounts had surpassed a staggering 11 crores.

It’s common to find individuals who maintain multiple demat accounts, often purchasing shares through different platforms.

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This phenomenon may be attributed to varied factors, including a lack of information or concerns about brokerage fees.

If you’re among those wishing to unify shares scattered across different demat accounts, read on.

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Seamless Share Transfers: Merging shares from distinct demat accounts into a single repository is a straightforward process.

The task of transferring shares between demat accounts can be accomplished both online and offline.

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Online Transfer Process:

  1. Acquire a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) from your current broker.
  2. Fill out the DIS form and submit it to your existing broker.
  3. The broker will forward the completed form to the depository.
  4. The depository will initiate the share transfer to your new account.
  5. Transferred shares will promptly reflect in your new demat account.

Optimizing Your Portfolio: Closing Unneeded Demat Accounts: When transferring shares from an old demat account to a new one, consider closing the redundant account.


Failing to close the outdated account may result in unnecessary maintenance charges. Closing a demat account, however, cannot be done online.

Physical presence at a branch is required to initiate the account closure process.



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