Major Security Flaw Uncovered in ICICI Bank’s iMobile App – User Data Compromised?

Several users of ICICI Bank’s iMobile app have raised concerns regarding a potential security vulnerability that could compromise the confidentiality of their credit card information.

Reddit Reports Glitch

One user on Reddit highlighted encountering a glitch within the app, leading to the exposure of sensitive data.

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Credit Card Details Visible

Numerous users reported instances where information pertaining to other customers’ ICICI Bank credit cards was inexplicably visible on their iMobile accounts. One user even noted seeing details of an Amazon Pay credit card.

Concerns Raised by Technofino Founder

Sumantha Mandal, Founder of Technofino and Creditpedia, took to social media to draw attention to the alarming flaw.

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Mandal emphasized the gravity of the situation, stressing that exposed card numbers, expiry dates, and CVV numbers could facilitate unauthorized transactions, including international ones.

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Urgent Calls for Action

Mandal urged ICICI Bank to promptly address the issue and called upon the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to conduct a thorough review of the bank’s security protocols.

No Response from ICICI Bank Yet

Despite the growing concerns, ICICI Bank has yet to issue an official statement addressing the matter, leaving users apprehensive about the safety of their financial data.


Regulatory Context

This revelation comes in the wake of the RBI’s recent punitive measures against Kotak Mahindra Bank for lapses in adhering to IT regulations, underscoring the critical importance of robust cybersecurity measures in the banking sector.



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