LPG Price Hike on Budget Day: Check Revised Rates

On the day of the interim budget presentation, oil companies delivered an unexpected blow to common citizens by hiking LPG cylinder prices.

The increase, effective from February 1, specifically impacts commercial gas cylinders, primarily the 19 kg variants.

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Notably, domestic gas cylinder prices remain unchanged for the sixth consecutive time.

Commercial Gas Cylinder Price Surge

Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) implemented a price hike of Rs 14 on commercial gas cylinders, bringing the new price to Rs 1,769.50.

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This adjustment does not extend to domestic gas cylinders, maintaining stability in their prices.

Unchanged Domestic Gas Cylinder Prices

The last alteration in domestic gas cylinder prices occurred on August 30. Since then, OMCs have maintained a consistent pricing strategy, resulting in no changes for domestic cylinders in the latest adjustment.

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City-wise Price Variations

Here are the revised prices for commercial gas cylinders in select cities:

Delhi: Increased by Rs 14, now priced at Rs 1,769.50.

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Kolkata: Increased by Rs 18, reaching Rs 1,887.

Mumbai: Increased by Rs 15, with a new price of Rs 1,723.50.


Chennai: Increased by Rs 12.50, now available for Rs 1,937.

January Relief and Current Hike

Contrasting the recent hike, on January 1, 2024, oil marketing companies had provided a slight relief by reducing prices for 19 kg commercial gas cylinders.


The reduction ranged from Rs 1.50 to Rs 4.50, providing a minor respite to consumers from Delhi to Mumbai.

As gas prices fluctuate, consumers are advised to stay informed about changes in their respective cities.

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