LPG Price Hike: Commercial Gas Cylinder Prices Surge Across India (Revised Prices)

As December unfolds, the common man is bracing for a significant jolt in the face of rising inflation, courtesy of oil marketing companies announcing an increase in prices for commercial gas cylinders across the country.

The surge in prices is effective immediately, as of December 1, 2023, with the commercial gas cylinder witnessing a Rs 21 hike in Delhi, bringing the new price to Rs 1796.50 from Rs 1775.50.

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Fortunately, there has been no adjustment in the pricing of domestic gas cylinders, offering some respite to consumers.

Fluctuating Commercial Gas Cylinder Prices

Previous Hike: Prior to Diwali, oil marketing companies had raised the price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder by Rs 103, reaching Rs 1833 in Delhi on November 1, 2023.

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Chhath Festival Relief: A price cut of Rs 50 was implemented ahead of the Chhath festival, reducing the commercial gas cylinder cost to Rs 1755.50.

However, this reprieve was short-lived as the prices surged once again by Rs 21 by the year-end.

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Revised Commercial Gas Cylinder Prices Across Cities

Kolkata: Rs 1908 (previously Rs 1885.50)

Mumbai: Rs 1749 (previously Rs 1728)

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Chennai: Rs 1968.50 (previously Rs 1942)

It is noteworthy that LPG prices stood at Rs 1731.50 on October 1, experiencing a significant Rs 101.50 increase by November 1.


The repercussions of elevated commercial gas cylinder costs are expected to be felt prominently in the food industry and restaurant business, potentially leading to an increase in dining expenses for the general public.

Stable Domestic Gas Cylinder Prices

On a positive note, domestic gas cylinder prices for the 14.2 kg variant remain stable, showing no alterations since August.


In Delhi, the 14.2 kg cylinder is priced at Rs 903, while it is available at Rs 929 in Kolkata and Rs 902.50 in Mumbai, as per information from the Indian Oil website.

Consumers can stay informed about any changes in domestic gas cylinder prices by checking the official updates from relevant authorities.

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