LPG Gas Cylinder Price: Big Price Drop for Cooking Gas Cylinders During Festive Season

Good news! The cost of LPG gas cylinders has gone down, making it more affordable for everyone.

Oil and gas companies have lowered the prices of these cylinders on September 1, 2023, just in time for the festivities.

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In major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, the prices have been reduced by over Rs 150. In Delhi, for instance, the price has been reduced by Rs 157 per cylinder.

Over the past two months, commercial gas cylinder prices have dropped by more than Rs 250.

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In New Delhi, the current price of a commercial gas cylinder is Rs 1522.50, down from its previous price of Rs 1680.

This means a savings of Rs 157 per cylinder for people in Delhi.

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Here are the new rates in other cities:

  • Kolkata: Rs 1636 instead of Rs 1802.50
  • Mumbai: Rs 1482 instead of Rs 1640.50
  • Chennai: Rs 1695 instead of Rs 1852.50

In just two months, the price of commercial gas cylinders in Delhi has fallen by Rs 257.5. In July, the price was Rs 1780.

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It’s important to note that the price of domestic gas cylinders remains unchanged.

Additionally, the cost of cooking gas cylinders (14.2 kg) was reduced by Rs 200 on August 29.


As a result, domestic LPG cylinders of 14.2 kg are now available for Rs 903 in Delhi, Rs 902.50 in Mumbai, and Rs 918.50 in Chennai, providing customers with savings of Rs 200 compared to previous prices.

Please note that there have been no changes in the prices of domestic gas cylinders from the oil companies.



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