Lost Your Voter Card? Here’s How to Obtain a Duplicate Voter ID

New Delhi:

The Voter Identity Card, or Voter Card, is a crucial document issued by the Government of India, granting citizens the right to vote in regional, state, and national elections.

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However, if you’ve misplaced your voter card, preventing you from casting your vote,

worry not—obtaining a duplicate voter card is a straightforward process.

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Online Application Process

1) Visit the Official Website: Head to the website of the Chief Electoral Officer of your state.

2) Download Form EPIC-002: Download and fill out the duplicate voter ID application form, EPIC-002, available on the website.

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3) Complete the Form: Ensure that all details on the form are accurately filled. Attach the necessary documents as specified.

4) Provide Reason and FIR Copy (if applicable): State the reason for requesting a duplicate voter card. If the card was stolen, attach a copy of the First Information Report (FIR).

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5) Submission to Local Election Officer: Submit the filled form and documents to your local election officer. Upon submission, you will receive a reference number.

6) Check Application Status: Use the reference number to check the status of your application on the State Election Office’s website.


7) Verification and Notification: After verification, you will be notified, and you can collect your duplicate voter card from the local election office.

Offline Application Process

1) Visit Election Officer’s Office: Go to the election officer’s office with the required documents.


2) Fill Out Form for Duplicate ID: Obtain a form for duplicate ID card issuance. Enter your name, address, and old voter ID card number, and submit the required documents.

3) Document Verification: Your documents will undergo verification, and upon successful completion, you will be issued a new voter ID card.

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Whether you choose the online or offline application method, the process is designed to ensure you can secure a duplicate voter card efficiently.


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