Know THIS Indian Railways Rules for Child Travel

Lakhs of people travel by train in India, and understanding the rules set by Indian Railways can be quite useful for passengers, especially when it comes to traveling with children.

If you’re a train traveler, this article is here to assist you.

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Many times, parents need to take their young children along on train journeys.

In such situations, if you’re unable to book a ticket for your child, there’s no need to worry.

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Indian Railways has established specific rules to address this concern.

Let’s explore these rules and clarify any doubts you may have.

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Is there a recent change in Indian Railways’ rules?

In recent days, there have been reports suggesting that booking train tickets for children below 5 years would become mandatory.

However, we’d like to clarify that Indian Railways has not introduced any such changes.

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You can continue to travel with your child on the train as per the previous rule.

What are the rules for children below 5 years on Indian Railways?

If your child is below 5 years of age, there is no requirement to book a separate berth for them during train travel. Your child can travel for free.


However, if you prefer to book a separate ticket and berth for your child, you are allowed to do so.

Are there any benefits to buying a separate ticket and berth for the child?


If you choose not to avail the free travel facility for your child and prefer to pay for their ticket and berth, you have the option to book them separately.

What are the charges for booking a ticket and berth for a child?

If you decide to book a ticket and berth for your child, the fare charged will be the same as that of a full adult ticket.

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This rule has been clarified in the circular dated 06.03.2020 issued by Indian Railways.

In conclusion, Indian Railways’ rules for child travel remain unchanged.

Children below 5 years can travel for free without the need for a separate ticket or berth.

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However, if you prefer to book a ticket and berth for your child, the fare will be equivalent to that of an adult ticket.

These guidelines provide flexibility and options for parents traveling with young children on Indian Railways.


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