Kia Seltos Facelift Breaks Records with Over 1 Lakh Bookings: See Top Variants

Kia Seltos, the beloved SUV from Kia Motors, has once again captured the hearts of Indian consumers with its latest facelift version, launched in July 2023.

Within just seven months since its launch, the new Seltos has surpassed the remarkable milestone of over 1 lakh bookings, solidifying its position as a top-selling vehicle in the segment.

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Rapid Booking Trend:

Since its debut in August 2019, Kia Seltos has been a favorite among customers, and the facelift version has addressed key features, garnering immense popularity.

Notably, the SUV has been receiving an average of 13,500 bookings every month since July 2023, demonstrating its enduring appeal and strong consumer demand.

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Preference for Automatic Variants and Advanced Safety Features:

The new Seltos has witnessed a significant demand for its automatic variants, constituting approximately 50% of total bookings.

With a growing emphasis on advanced active safety features, around 40% of buyers are expressing interest in variants equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Additionally, the sunroof variant has emerged as a top choice among consumers.

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Sunroof, Petrol-Diesel Ratio, and Top Variants:

Indian consumers have shown a clear preference for sunroof-equipped models, with approximately 80% of Seltos buyers opting for this feature.

Moreover, the booking ratio between petrol and diesel variants stands at an encouraging 58:42%.

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Remarkably, 80% of buyers are inclined towards purchasing the top variants of the Seltos, indicating a strong demand for premium features and specifications.

Production and Sales Figures:

Since its inception, Kia has manufactured over 6 lakh units of the Seltos in India, with approximately 75% of them sold in the domestic market.


In the year 2023 alone, Kia recorded sales of 1.04 lakh units of the Seltos, underscoring its sustained popularity and market dominance.

The overwhelming response to the Kia Seltos facelift reaffirms its status as a preferred choice among SUV enthusiasts, setting new benchmarks in the automotive industry.



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