JioFiber Offers 13 Months of Broadband Service for Less Than Rs 5000: Plan Details

Reliance Jio has rapidly expanded in recent years, becoming a leader in both telecom services and fiber broadband.

One of its most affordable fiber broadband plans is available for less than Rs 5,000 per year, offering users data at a speed of 30 Mbps for 390 days.

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This effectively gives users 13 months of service for the price of 12, as the annual plan includes an extra month for free.

Details of JioFiber 1-Year Plan

The cheapest one-year plan from JioFiber comes with a validity of 390 days and costs Rs 4788, excluding GST charges.

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This entry-level fiber plan offers a consistent speed of 30 Mbps for both uploads and downloads, with a data limit of 3.3TB per month.

However, this plan does not include OTT (Over the Top) services like Netflix or Prime Video. To access OTT services, users need to opt for plans with speeds of 150 Mbps or higher.

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Other Affordable Plans

Jio’s second cheapest fiber plan costs Rs 8388. This plan also provides 13 months of service, effectively giving users an extra month for free at a rate of Rs 699 per month.

It offers internet speeds of 100 Mbps, with no data capping for uploads and downloads. For users with higher needs and budgets, Jio offers fiber internet plans with speeds up to 1 Gbps, which also come bundled with OTT services.

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Jio’s fiber broadband plans provide affordable and flexible options for users, with entry-level plans under Rs 5,000 and more comprehensive packages for those requiring higher speeds and additional services.



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