Jio Unveils Special Independence Day Offer: Year-long Recharge, Free Calls, and Data

New Delhi: Jio, the telecommunications trailblazer, has unveiled a groundbreaking Independence Day offer, tailor-made for its valued customers.

At just Rs 2,999, this annual recharge plan is designed to simplify lives and enhance convenience.

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For those seeking to bid farewell to monthly recharges, this plan emerges as a seamless solution.

Boasting a comprehensive package including unlimited calling, free SMS, and generous mobile data, Jio’s annual prepaid plan of Rs 2,999 translates to a monthly cost of under Rs 250.

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Let’s delve into the details of this exceptional offer.

Freedom from Monthly Recharges with Jio’s Rs 2,999 Plan

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In a move that resonates with customers seeking an uninterrupted experience, Jio has introduced an annual prepaid recharge plan priced at Rs 2,999.

This plan offers a remarkable 12 months of validity, effectively liberating subscribers from the monthly recharge ritual.

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The convenience of a single yearly recharge translates to an entire year of unhindered connectivity.

Data Delight with Jio’s Rs 2,999 Plan


Under the Rs 2,999 plan, subscribers are entitled to a daily allocation of 2.5 GB data.

Over the span of a year, this accumulates to a substantial 912.5 GB of data, facilitating seamless browsing, streaming, and communication needs.


Beyond the allocated daily data, the speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps, ensuring continued connectivity even after the initial data is consumed.

Comprehensive Benefits Unveiled

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The plan encompasses not just data, but a spectrum of benefits. Daily 100 SMS are included, ensuring uninhibited communication.

Moreover, subscribers can relish the luxury of unlimited 5G data, further enhancing the value proposition.

Voice calls remain unrestricted, encompassing local, STD, and roaming calls, promoting uninterrupted conversations across boundaries.

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Beyond Connectivity – Jio’s App Ecosystem

Jio’s commitment to holistic customer experience is evident through its inclusion of free subscriptions to a range of Jio apps.

From JioTV to JioCinema, JioSecurity, and JioCloud, subscribers gain access to a treasure trove of entertainment and utility.

This enriching app ecosystem empowers users with varied content and services, seamlessly enhancing their digital lives.


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