Jio Unveils Explosive Plan Offering OTT Access for Just Rs 29

Jio Cinema, the flagship video streaming platform of Reliance Industries, has set the stage ablaze with its latest offering, aimed at rivalling industry giants like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video in the Indian OTT market.

Introducing the new subscription service, Jio Cinema Premium, the platform is ready to redefine entertainment for its users.

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The Rs 29 Plan: A Gateway to Entertainment

In a bold move, Jio unveils its Rs 29 plan, granting customers access to a world of OTT content.

With this pocket-friendly subscription, users can indulge in ad-free 4K content, spanning exclusive series, blockbuster movies, captivating children’s shows, and a plethora of TV entertainment, all accessible on a single device.

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The plan also offers offline viewing, ensuring entertainment is never out of reach.

Expanding Horizons: The Rs 89 Plan and Family Subscription

Diving deeper into the realm of entertainment, Jio Cinema introduces its Rs 89 plan and Family Subscription.

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The Rs 89 plan opens doors to a premium viewing experience, allowing users to enjoy content on four devices simultaneously.

Existing Jio Cinema Premium members seamlessly transition into the ‘Family’ plan at no extra cost, enhancing their entertainment experience.

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Exclusive Benefits for Premium Users

With Jio Cinema Premium, subscribers gain access to a treasure trove of content from Colors, Nickelodeon, and other Viacom18 network channels, including popular TV serials.

The platform prioritizes safety with its parental control feature, ensuring a worry-free viewing experience for families.


Moreover, premium users can revel in the excitement of IPL 2024 cricket matches at no additional charge.

Looking Ahead: Future Offerings

As Jio continues to innovate, there’s anticipation for potential annual plans catering to diverse user preferences.


Stay tuned as Jio Cinema aims to redefine entertainment with its future endeavors.

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