Jio to launch it’s Air Fiber Today with up to 1.5Gbps Fast Internet Speed

Reliance Jio is set to revolutionize the internet landscape with the launch of Jio Air Fiber today.

Company Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced this exciting development during the recent Reliance Industries Annual General Meeting.

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Jio Air Fiber distinguishes itself from the existing Jio Fiber service by utilizing cutting-edge fiber wireless technology.

This portable wireless service promises lightning-fast internet speeds of up to 1.5Gbps.

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With Jio Air Fiber, users can enjoy seamless streaming of HD and high-quality videos, eliminating buffering issues.

It also enhances online gaming experiences and facilitates virtual events and video conferences.

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Additionally, Jio Air Fiber boasts Wi-Fi 6 support and incorporates valuable features like parental controls and integrated firewall for enhanced security.

This high-speed internet service connects users to the nearest Jio tower, delivering speeds of up to 1.5Gbps, although the actual speed may vary depending on the device’s proximity to the tower.

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Unlike Jio Fiber, which struggles to reach remote areas, Jio Air Fiber’s wireless technology makes it accessible virtually anywhere.

Designed as a convenient plug-and-play solution, Jio Air Fiber is expected to be priced at approximately Rs 6,000.


Get ready for a new era of fast and accessible internet with Jio Air Fiber!



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