Jio launches Special Scheme Allowing Users to Pick Their Preferred Mobile Number

Jio, the leading telecom provider, has introduced an exclusive scheme where customers can now select their desired mobile numbers.

This scheme offers a unique series of VIP numbers, and consumers have the freedom to choose the last 4 to 6 digits of their preferred mobile number.

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Jio has provided some simple guidelines for this special offer, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Affordable One-Time Payment

Under the new Jio scheme, users only need to pay a nominal fee of Rs 499.

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This special offer is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers, with no additional charges beyond the Rs 499 payment.

Choosing Your Preferred Number

In Jio’s priority list, customers can select their favorite number using their date of birth, lucky number, or preferred number sequence.

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While the first four or six digits will be fixed, users have the flexibility to choose the remaining digits as per their preference.

This personalized number selection process is known as mobile number customization.

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Easy Steps to Follow

To avail of this scheme, users need to visit and navigate to the self-care section.

Alternatively, users can access this feature directly through the MyJio mobile app.


Once in the mobile number selection section, users must enter their existing number and confirm it via OTP verification.

Next, users will be provided with the option to choose a new number, where they can select the last 4 to 6 digits according to their liking.


After selecting the desired mobile number, users need to proceed to the payment section and pay Rs 499.

Within approximately 24 hours, the newly selected mobile number will be activated for use.

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By offering this special scheme, Jio aims to provide its customers with a personalized and convenient mobile number selection process.

Don’t miss the chance to grab your preferred mobile number through this exciting offer from Jio!

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