Jio launches New Prepaid Plan with 11-Month Validity

Reliance Jio offers an enticing option for customers seeking a long validity plan at a pocket-friendly price.

The newly introduced Rs 1519 plan provides an extended 11-month validity, making it an ideal choice for those looking for extended benefits in a single plan.

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Let’s explore the features of this plan that make it the best option for Jio customers.

Key Features of Jio’s Rs 1519 Prepaid Plan: 11 Months Validity, Generous Data, and More

Jio’s Rs 1519 prepaid plan offers an impressive 336 days of validity, ensuring uninterrupted services for a remarkable 11 months.

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Subscribers can enjoy a generous data allowance of 24 GB, and even after surpassing the high-speed data limit,

the plan still provides unlimited internet access at a reduced speed of 64 Kbps.

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Additionally, Jio-to-Jio calls are unlimited, and users can benefit from 100 free SMS per day.

Jio’s Rs 1519 Plan: A Perfect Choice for Long Validity Seekers

Catering to the needs of customers seeking extended validity, Jio’s Rs 1519 plan is a standout choice.

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With a lengthy 11-month validity, this plan ensures subscribers can stay connected and enjoy unlimited calls and internet data throughout the year.

It truly offers the best value for Jio customers looking for a comprehensive package.


Enjoy Extended Benefits with Jio’s Long Validity Hit Plan

Jio’s Rs 1519 plan is a part of the popular lineup of Jio’s long validity plans. Besides its extensive validity,

the plan includes voice calling benefits and provides free access to Jio’s premium suite of apps such as JioTV, JioCinema, jioCloud, and JioSecurity.


Users can make the most of their subscription by enjoying seamless entertainment and enhanced security features.

Jio’s Rs 1519 Plan: Cost Breakdown and Incredible Value for Money

When we consider the cost of Jio’s Rs 1519 plan, it averages out to just Rs 138 per month over the 11-month duration.

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This translates to a daily cost of less than Rs 5, making it the most affordable and value-packed plan for Jio customers.

With its extensive validity, generous benefits, and cost-effective nature, the Rs 1519 plan truly stands out as an excellent choice.

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