Jio Introduces New Prepaid Packs with Additional Data Benefits

Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom company, has launched two new prepaid packs catering to subscribers who frequently exhaust their daily data limit.

These prepaid data plans offer extra data benefits, ensuring users never run out of data and only need to recharge with these packs.

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1) Jio’s Rs 19 Prepaid Pack:

1) Price: Rs 19

2) Data Benefit: 1.5GB

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3) Validity: Same as the user’s existing active prepaid plan

4) Additional Data: 1.5GB extra data

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5) Comparison: Previously, the Rs 15 pack provided 1GB data.

Now, by opting for the Rs 19 pack, users can enjoy an additional 500MB of data.

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2) Jio’s Rs 29 Prepaid Pack:

1) Price: Rs 29

2) Data Benefit: 2.5GB


3 Validity: Same as the already active plan

4) Additional Data: By paying just Rs 4 extra compared to the previous Rs 25 plan, users now receive 500MB more data, totaling 2.5GB.


Jio has always positioned itself as an affordable prepaid telecom operator, and these new plans aim to offer convenient options to its users.

With these prepaid packs, Jio aims to enhance its average revenue per user (ARPU) while ensuring customers have sufficient data for their needs.

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These new prepaid packs from Reliance Jio provide additional data benefits at competitive prices, granting subscribers peace of mind and uninterrupted connectivity.


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