iPhone, iPad will soon speak on your own Voice (with iOS17 Update)

Apple is dedicated to making its devices more inclusive and accessible to individuals facing cognitive, vision, hearing, and mobility challenges.

With the introduction of innovative features, Apple aims to give a voice to those who are unable to speak, hear, or see.

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Let’s explore the latest updates from Apple:

1) Personalized Voices: Apple enables users to create customized voices on their iPhone or iPad. By reading a series of lessons for just 15 minutes, users can generate their unique voice.

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Integrated with Live Speech, this feature allows users to type their messages and have their personalized voice read them aloud, providing a more natural and personalized communication experience.

Apple assures users that this feature employs on-device machine learning to maintain privacy and security.

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2) Assistive Access: Apple’s Assistive Access feature offers streamlined versions of core apps tailored to support individuals with cognitive disabilities.

The feature combines Phone and FaceTime, revamps Messages, Camera, Photos, and Music apps with high contrast buttons, larger text labels, and additional accessibility tools.

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3) Magnifier with Detection Mode: Designed to assist individuals who are blind or have low vision, the Magnifier now incorporates a Detection Mode.

This mode helps users interact with physical objects that contain multiple text labels, enhancing their overall accessibility.


4) Mac Compatibility: Apple extends its accessibility focus to the Mac platform as well.

Users with hearing impairments can now pair their iPhone hearing devices with their Mac, providing a seamless and connected experience.


iOS17 Update

Apple has hinted at the upcoming release of iOS 17, which is expected to bring these remarkable accessibility features to iPhone users. With iOS 17, Apple aims to empower individuals who face challenges in speaking, seeing, or interacting with their devices.

Secret Power Button Feature

Although accessibility features are typically accessed through the Settings app, Apple has introduced a secret feature in the power button that allows quick access without the need to navigate through settings.

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Here’s how to enable and use this convenient shortcut:

Setup Process:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Locate and select “Accessibility” in the menu.
  3. Enable the “Accessibility Shortcut” option in the new window.
  4. Choose the desired accessibility feature from the available options.
  5. Once added, the feature can be activated or deactivated by triple-tapping the power button.

This secret power button feature is available to all iPhone users with Face ID or Touch ID support.

Apple’s commitment to accessibility ensures that individuals with disabilities can navigate and utilize their devices with ease.

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The introduction of these new features, along with the upcoming iOS 17 release, promises a more inclusive and empowering digital experience for all users.

Our Thoughts

With the progressive technology and advancement in A.I Technology it is not surprising that our iPhones can speak in our own voices. This feature may not be used by a normal individual but will act as a boon for those who are not able to speak.

As of always, when Apple brings somethings, others copy it very fast. Let us see which other companies are bringing this feature and when?

what do you think about this? let us know in comments.


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