Introducing Top Trending Plans from Jio for Extended Validity and Data

Reliance Jio, a leading telecommunications company, has rolled out two highly sought-after plans that offer extended validity and abundant data.

These plans provide more than 365 days of service, ensuring long-lasting connectivity.

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Furthermore, users can enjoy up to 3 GB of data per day, making it ideal for data-intensive activities.

The best part is that these plans include an additional 75 GB of data at no extra cost.

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Eligible subscribers can also access unlimited 5G data.

Alongside these remarkable features, both plans offer daily unlimited calling and 100 free SMS.

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Let’s delve into the specifics of each plan:

Rs 2999 Plan

With a validity of 365 days, this plan presents a generous offer.

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Users not only receive 23 extra days of service but also enjoy a daily data allocation of 2.5 GB.

On top of that, Reliance Jio grants an additional 75 GB of complimentary data to subscribers of this plan.


Eligible users can also access unlimited 5G data, ensuring uninterrupted browsing.

Moreover, the plan encompasses unlimited calling to any network within the country and 100 free SMS per day.


Subscribers can enjoy complimentary access to Jio TV and Jio Cinema, enriching their entertainment experience.

Rs 999 Plan

For those seeking a shorter-term option, the Rs 999 plan offers remarkable benefits.

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With a validity of 84 days, subscribers can enjoy a daily data allowance of 3 GB.

The plan also includes an extra 40 GB of data, boosting the overall data quota.

Similar to the previous plan, eligible users gain unlimited 5G data access.

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Additionally, users can make unlimited calls and benefit from 100 daily SMS.

The plan further offers free subscriptions to Jio TV and Jio Cinema, expanding the entertainment options available.

These two trending plans from Reliance Jio provide extended validity and substantial data quotas, catering to users’ diverse needs.

Whether you require long-term connectivity or a shorter-term option with enhanced data capabilities, Reliance Jio has you covered.

Stay connected, entertained, and productive with these feature-rich plans.


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