IndiGo Connects Over 50 Indian Cities to Paris Olympics 2024: Check Flight Timings& Travel Tips

IndiGo, India’s leading airline, is providing extensive flight options for travelers heading to the Paris Olympics 2024.

With major hubs in New Delhi and Mumbai, IndiGo connects more than 50 Indian cities to Paris, making travel easier for sports enthusiasts and athletes.

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Cities Connected to Paris via IndiGo

IndiGo connects a wide range of Indian cities, including:

New Delhi (DEL)

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Mumbai (BOM)

Bengaluru (BLR)

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Chennai (MAA)

Hyderabad (HYD)

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Kolkata (CCU)

Ahmedabad (AMD)


Pune (PNQ)

Jaipur (JAI)


Lucknow (LKO)

Travelers from these cities can take direct flights to New Delhi or Mumbai and then board connecting flights to Paris.

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Flight Timings to Paris

IndiGo offers the following flight schedules from its primary hubs to Paris (via Istanbul):

New Delhi to Paris

Departure: 02:50 DEL – Non-stop, 9h 10m – 07:00 IST

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Departure: 13:45 DEL – Non-stop, 9h 15m – 18:00 IST

Mumbai to Paris

Departure: 02:25 BOM – Non-stop, 8h 45m – 07:10 IST

Departure: 15:40 BOM – Non-stop, 9h 00m – 00:40 IST

Travelers will arrive at either Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) or Orly Airport (ORY) in Paris. CDG, located approximately 25 kilometers northeast of Paris, serves as the primary gateway for international visitors attending the Paris Olympics.

Travel Tips

Check travel requirements and restrictions

Book flights and accommodations in advance

Arrive early at the airport

Use online check-in and digital boarding passes

Familiarize yourself with airport layouts

Keep important documents accessible

Seek assistance from the staff if required

Paris Olympics 2024

The Paris Olympics 2024 will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024. A total of 10,500 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) are expected to compete in this global event.


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