Indian Railways Slashes Train Ticket Prices by 50% Ahead of Holi

In a heartening development just before the festive season of Holi, Indian Railways has announced a significant reduction in train ticket prices, offering a major relief to select passengers.

The decision, primarily targeting travelers in second-class coaches, aims to make train journeys more affordable and accessible.

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Details of the Price Reduction:

According to reports from Zee Business, Northern Railway has implemented a commendable 50% reduction in train ticket prices for passengers traveling in second class coaches.

This price cut is especially beneficial for those journeying towards the picturesque Kashmir Valley, where all trains will now offer tickets at half the regular fare.

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Implementation and Impact:

Officials from Northern Railway have confirmed that this reduction in ticket prices is a result of restoring normal fares for second class coaches in passenger trains across the valley.

As a result, passengers can expect a significant reduction of 40 to 50% in ticket prices, providing substantial relief for travelers.

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This fare adjustment applies throughout the Kashmir Valley, ensuring affordability and convenience for all passengers.

Example of Fare Reduction:

Previously, the fare from Sadura station (Anantnag district) to Srinagar stood at Rs 35.

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However, with this new relief measure, the fare has been reduced to a mere Rs 15, bringing much-needed respite to travelers.

This initiative is poised to ease the financial burden on passengers, particularly in light of fare increases post-Covid-19.



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