Indian Railways Offers affordable Accommodation at Only 100 Rs

Traveling by train has never been more comfortable thanks to the numerous facilities provided by Indian Railways.

To cater to the rush during festivals and summer holidays, special trains equipped with essential amenities are operated, providing immense relief to passengers.

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In addition to these services, Indian Railways offers another convenient facility – affordable accommodation at railway stations.

Many passengers are unaware of this service and end up paying high rents for hotel rooms near the station.

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Let’s find out how much it costs and how you can book these rooms.

If you find yourself in need of a place to stay while traveling by train, look no further than the railway station itself.

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You can avoid the hassle and expense of booking a hotel room, as the railway station provides budget-friendly accommodations.

These railway station rooms resemble hotel rooms, complete with essential amenities and air conditioning.

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Prices for overnight stays range from Rs 100 to Rs 700.

Booking a room at the railway station is a straightforward process that can be done as follows:


1) Open an IRCTC account.

2) Login and navigate to the “My Booking” option.


3) Scroll down to find the “retiring room” option.

4) Click on it to access the room booking section.

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5) Enter your personal and travel information.

6) Complete the payment process to confirm your room reservation.

By offering these affordable stay options, Indian Railways aims to enhance passenger comfort and provide a seamless travel experience.

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Don’t miss out on this economical and convenient accommodation choice during your train journeys.


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