Indian Railways Introduces AI Chatbot AskDisha 2.0 for Seamless Train Ticket Booking

New Delhi:

Booking train tickets and accessing railway services has never been easier, thanks to the latest innovation from Indian Railways. The new AI chatbot, AskDisha 2.0, powered by CoRover.

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AI, is now available on the IRCTC website and mobile app, providing users with instant assistance for ticket bookings and more.

Let’s delve into the details of this cutting-edge chatbot.

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Meet AskDisha 2.0

AskDisha 2.0, short for Digital Interaction To Seek Help Anytime, is an AI and Machine Learning-powered chatbot designed to streamline railway-related inquiries.

Equipped with support for Hindi and English languages, this innovative tool offers a wide range of functionalities to enhance the user experience on the IRCTC platform.

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Tasks Supported by AskDisha 2.0

From booking train tickets to checking PNR status and even canceling tickets, AskDisha 2.0 simplifies various aspects of railway ticketing.

Users can also utilize the chatbot to inquire about refund statuses, change boarding stations, view booking history, download e-tickets, and more, all with just a few clicks or voice commands.

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How to Access AskDisha 2.0

Utilizing AskDisha 2.0 is effortless, whether you’re accessing it through the IRCTC website or mobile app.

On the website, users can simply locate the AskDisha 2.0 icon at the bottom right corner of the homepage and input their queries via text or voice.


Similarly, on the mobile app, users can download the IRCTC Rail Connect app, locate the AskDisha 2.0 icon,

and initiate their inquiries seamlessly.



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