Govt launches Free A.I. Training Course to Empower Youth across India

The Government of India has taken a significant step towards empowering its youth by announcing a new free AI training course under the India 2.0 program.

This course, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been developed by Skill India and GUVI,

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with recognition from the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) and IIT Madras.

Comprehensive AI Curriculum

The AI training course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers AI fundamentals, AI applications, and AI ethics.

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It is designed to cater to individuals interested in learning more about AI, regardless of their previous experience or background.

Personalized Learning in Regional Languages

GUVI, a prominent Ed-Tech company founded by IIT-Madras and IIM-Ahmedabad, aims to make education accessible and affordable in India.

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With a focus on teaching technical skills in various regional languages, GUVI offers a wide range of online learning, upskilling, and recruitment opportunities.

GUVI’s AI Programming Course

GUVI has recently launched a free AI programming course, available in nine Indian languages.

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Interested individuals can easily sign up for the course on GUVI’s official website, irrespective of their coding experience.

Technology Education in Indian Languages

During the course’s launch, Minister Pradhan emphasized the importance of offering technology courses in Indian languages.


He highlighted the significance of removing language barriers in technology education, stating that this AI training course plays a crucial role in ensuring a brighter future, particularly for the youth in rural areas.

India 2.0 Program: Widening Access to AI Technology

As part of the India 2.0 program, the government is committed to providing online AI education free of cost, aiming to democratize access to the latest technology across the nation.


The program’s quality and relevance have been verified by NCVET and IIT Madras, ensuring its credibility and effectiveness.

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