India suspends Visa Services for Canada effective Immediately (See Reason)

The diplomatic rift between India and Canada has deepened following Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent statement,

resulting in both countries expelling each other’s diplomats.

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In response, India has taken the step of suspending all visa services for Canada until further notice.

This decision was officially communicated through a notice on the BLS India Visa Application Center’s website,

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which declared the suspension of all visa services from September 21, 2023, onwards.

Official Notice from India Visa Application Center

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The BLS International India Visa Application Center’s website stated, “Important information from the Indian Mission. Due to operational reasons, Indian Visa Service has been suspended till further orders on 21st September 2023. Please check the BLS website for further updates.”

India’s Advisory to Citizens and Students in Canada

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The Ministry of External Affairs in India has issued a cautionary advisory to Indian citizens and students residing in Canada.

The advisory, released on Wednesday, urged those in Canada to exercise “extreme caution.”


The ministry expressed concern about rising anti-India activities, politically motivated hate crimes, and criminal violence in Canada.

Indian students were specifically advised to remain alert and exercise caution.


 Concerns Over Targeting Indian Diplomats and Anti-India Agenda

The advisory highlighted threats made against Indian diplomats and individuals within the Indian community who oppose anti-India sentiments.

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In light of these developments, Indian citizens were advised to avoid traveling to areas and locations in Canada where such incidents have been reported.

The diplomatic dispute between India and Canada continues to evolve in response to recent events.


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