Income Tax Department revamps Website with user-friendly Interface

New Delhi :

The Income Tax Department has taken a significant leap towards modernization with the launch of its revamped website featuring a user-friendly interface and an array of value-added modules.

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The newly upgraded platform was unveiled on Saturday, August 26, during the Chintan Shivir event in Udaipur by Nitin Gupta, Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

In alignment with its commitment to harnessing technological advancements and enhancing user experience, the CBDT expressed its intent to revolutionize the taxpayer journey.

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The National Website,, has undergone a comprehensive makeover, boasting an intuitive user interface and incorporating novel modules.

A noteworthy addition to the website is its mobile-responsive design, making access convenient for users across devices.

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The introduction of a ‘Mega Menu’ promises enriched content delivery, unveiling a range of new services and features.

Guided Virtual Tour for Seamless Navigation

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The revamped website has also taken visitors’ convenience into account. To provide a seamless experience, a guided virtual tour has been incorporated, offering visitors an in-depth understanding of the various services.

The platform’s innovative functionality empowers users to compare different Acts, Sections, Rules, and Taxes effortlessly.


With content tagged meticulously under relevant Income Tax sections, users can navigate the website with ease.

Notably, the dynamic due date alert mechanism features a reverse countdown, interactive tool tips, and links to pertinent portals, simplifying the compliance process for taxpayers.


More Services for Taxpayers

The overhauled website represents yet another stride in the direction of providing taxpayers with enhanced services.

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By fostering education and facilitating smoother tax compliance, the revamped platform embodies the Income Tax Department’s commitment to cater to citizens’ needs effectively.

As the Income Tax Department forges ahead with its technological transformation, this initiative is set to redefine the relationship between taxpayers and the tax authority, fostering transparency, accessibility, and user-centric services.

For more information and to experience the revamped website, visit

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