Hyundai unveils Adventure Edition of it’s Best-Selling SUVs

Mumbai :

In an exciting development, leading automobile manufacturer Hyundai has launched the Adventure Edition for its popular SUVs, the Hyundai Creta and Hyundai Alcazar.

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This edition, unveiled on Monday, brings forth a host of updates and enhancements, solidifying Hyundai’s commitment to delivering exceptional driving experiences.

With a teaser generating buzz on social media, the official launch marks the culmination of anticipation.

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Notably, the Adventure Edition is equipped with an impressive 21 additional features compared to the existing models of Creta and Alcazar.

Tailored for the Explorers and Adventurers

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The Adventure Edition caters to enthusiasts who have an affinity for exploration and travel, especially those who embrace winding roads over straight paths. Crafted to enhance the thrill of journeys, this edition offers a dynamic experience for individuals who relish travel escapades.

Adventure Edition Exterior Highlights

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The exterior of the new models has witnessed subtle yet impactful changes. Notably, the Adventure badge graces the car’s fenders, signifying its unique identity.

The black front grille proudly displays the Hyundai emblem.


Further accentuating the design, the Alcazar model features striking black fog lamps, while black ORVMs seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic.

Inside, the Adventure Edition boasts distinctive features like a dual-camera dashcam, adventure mats with a captivating 3D design, and sporty metal pedals.


Power-Packed Performance with Diverse Engines

The Creta Adventure Edition boasts a robust 1.5-liter petrol engine under its hood, ensuring a dynamic driving experience. Likewise, the Alcazar Adventure Edition is powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine, paired with a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (7DC).

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This amalgamation of power and performance underscores Hyundai’s dedication to offering versatile options.

Pricing and Variants

The Creta Adventure Edition is priced starting from Rs. 15.17 Lakhs, while the Alcazar Adventure Edition’s price begins at Rs. 19.03 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

The top-tier variant of the Alcazar Adventure Edition is priced at Rs. 21.23 Lakhs, elevating the experience of both ownership and driving.

The Hyundai Creta and Alcazar Adventure Editions exemplify the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

As Hyundai continues to evolve and cater to the preferences of its discerning clientele, these adventure-driven models underscore the brand’s vision for a dynamic and captivating automotive journey.


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