Hyundai teases New Electric Micro SUV ‘Inster’ (Check Range and Features)

New Delhi:

Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled images of its newest electric vehicle, set to launch soon.

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Named the Inster, this electric micro SUV will make its international debut at the Busan International Motor Show 2024 in Korea later this month, running from June 27 to July 7, 2024.

Hyundai aims to introduce this innovative vehicle on a global scale.

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Decoding the Name: Hyundai Inster

The name “Inster” is derived from the combination of “Intimate” and “Innovative.”

Built on the existing Casper platform, Hyundai Inster incorporates design elements such as round headlights from its ICE counterpart, the Casper.

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Features Revealed on Social Media

Hyundai has shared images on social media, offering a glimpse of the car’s exterior.

While specific launch details are yet to be disclosed, the front design features round headlights and pixel-style 7-element LED turn indicators.

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Range and Features

Hyundai claims that the Inster will offer a range of 355 km on a single charge, although this figure represents the maximum range.

The company promises to equip the car with numerous safety features and advanced technology.


However, detailed specifications regarding the battery and motor remain undisclosed at this time.

These revelations showcase Hyundai’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the electric vehicle market, aiming to deliver an intimate and innovative driving experience with the Inster.



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