How to Reactivate a Frozen NPS Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning for retirement through the National Pension System (NPS) is a wise financial move, offering market-based returns and pension benefits.

However, failing to meet the minimum contribution requirements can lead to the freezing or deactivation of your NPS account. Here’s how you can reactivate it:

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1. Understand Why Your Account Was Frozen:

NPS requires a minimum annual contribution to keep the account active. Failure to meet this requirement can result in account freezing or deactivation.

2. Obtain the Reactivation Form (UOS-S10-A):

Visit your nearest post office or the institution where your NPS account is maintained to obtain the UOS-S10-A form.

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Alternatively, download the form online from the NSDL website using this link: UOS-S10A-Unfreezing of PRAN Form.

3. Complete the Form:

Fill out the UOS-S10-A form accurately, providing all required information.

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Ensure to attach a copy of your PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) card with the form.

4. Deposit Outstanding Contributions and Penalty:

Deposit the outstanding amount of annual contributions required to meet the minimum contribution criteria.

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Additionally, pay a penalty of Rs 100 along with the outstanding contributions.

5. Submission and Verification:

Submit the completed form along with the necessary documents and payment to the designated office.


Office officials will verify your application and initiate the reactivation process.

6. Processing and Activation:

Once verified, your application will undergo processing.


Upon successful processing, your PRAN will be activated, and your NPS account will be reactivated.

By following these steps and ensuring timely contributions, you can reactivate your frozen NPS account and continue planning for a secure retirement.

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Remember to stay informed about the minimum contribution requirements to avoid future account freezes.


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